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Report on Trip in Ukraine of Prof. Matthew Temple (Matthew Temple, Rochester, New-York) 1-06-2018, 12:11


May 21 – Round table "MAN, RELIGION AND ENVIRONMENT" hosted by the Department of Ecology Faculty of Natural Sciences National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Participants in the round table: Prof. Matthew Temple (Nazareth College, Rochester, New-York), Dr. Alexander Bokotey (Uzhhorod National University), Fr. Roman Romanovych(representative of Bureau on Ecology of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church)  Lecturers, academics and post-graduate students of the department and faculty attended the seminar.

Doc. Viktor Karamushka moderated the round table.

Alexander Bokotey  presented the guests and reported “Work on Responsibility for Creation in Ukraine and Eastern Europe”.

 Prof. Matthew Temple presented a report on “Genetically Engineered Plants: Scientific and Ethical Considerations”.

Fr. Roman Romanovych  reported on “Environmental Activities of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church”.

A constructive discussion followed. It was noted that thesethemes,were both novel and relevant. n particular, Prof. Temple noted that GMO products can be useful for human health, as well as raising more familiar regulatory issues about GMO food. He also addressed how GMO crops can influence other species related to them genetically, and whether they can harm the ecological balance. https://www.facebook.com/ecoukma/posts/2155711004698451

May 22 – excursion (participants of the Institute’s scientific group visited Kyiv-Perersk Lavra and the Museum of Jewels)...