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Such tours have minimal environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The popular tourist portal Lonely Planet, together with Intrepid and Urban Adventures, launches eco-conscious tours, reports theguardian.com.

More than 7,500 people participated in the survey. According to which 68% of respondents said that they became more concerned about the environmental friendliness of their travels.

These are about 200 one-day tours, as well as over 130 tours to 65 countries.

One-day tours include, for example, a walking tour of Saint-Germain in Paris, an art walk to Las Vegas, or a gastronomic tour of Tokyo. The longer tours include a one-day tour to northern India, from Varanasi to Delhi by train, rickshaw and bus, and an eight-day train to Italy.

In addition, all tourists can use the free Lonely Planet’s Guides app for six months.

We will remind you that the best tourist destinations for 2020 travel according to Lonely Planet have been identified.

Source: https://tsn.ua/tourism/lonely-planet-zapuskaye-turi-dlya-ekosvidomih-turistiv-1478916.html


Patriarch Bartholomew in Davos has called for combating the environmental crisis 23-01-2020, 11:45


World leaders must put the interests of humanity above the financial interests of countries and immediately begin to combat the environmental crisis on the planet.

This was stated by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew during his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, reports his own correspondent Ukrinform.

 “I want to urge Western leaders, many of whom are now here in Davos, not to put their material and financial interests above the interests of mankind, particularly in climate change. They should respect the decision made jointly for the benefit of mankind and not for the benefit of financial advantage, ”said Patriarch Bartholomew.

 He stressed that now, unfortunately, it is clear that little is being done to combat climate change, but everyone knows what and how it should be done. In his opinion, unlike previous generations, the present one has no excuse, because it cannot claim to have been unaware of the threat of environmental collapse. 

“To restore the balance of our planet, we need a spiritual outlook that promotes humility, respect and solidarity,” the Ecumenical Patriarch emphasized.

 He stressed that humanity should cease to be irresponsible and ungodly to treat earthly resources.

 “If we do not fundamentally change our attitude to the world, if we do not voluntarily change our scheme of use of natural resources, then we will continue to fight the symptoms of the problem, not its causes,” – said Bartholomew.

 He noted, however, that he was optimistic that many leaders would understand the problem and that they should not be delayed in dealing with climate change and shifting responsibility to others.



The UN has recognized the right of refugees to seek asylum through global warming 22-01-2020, 11:59


ООН визнала право біженців просити притулку через глобальне потепління


 UN member states cannot refuse asylum to refugees if their lives are threatened by climate change.

 The UN Human Rights Committee came to this conclusion, first examining the refugee’s complaint about climate change as a cause of the asylum claim, Deutsche Welle reports. It is a complaint by John Tahiot, a resident of Kiribati, the island of Kiribati. In 2015, he and his wife and children applied for asylum in New Zealand, but he was refused. As a result, he complained to the UN, stating that rising ocean levels make Kiribati islands uninhabitable. The UN agreed, declaring that third-country authorities have no right to deport asylum seekers if the situation caused by the climatic conditions in their homeland threatens life. This UN decision opens wide prospects for migrants, as countries will no longer be able to deport people facing climate change.

 According to the UN, about 280 million people will be forced to migrate due to global warming by two degrees Celsius.

 Earlier, scientists predicted that 2019 may be the hottest year in the history of humanity due to climate change, and they were right. The World Bank is investing hundreds of billions to combat global warming.

 We will remind, in the USA have told, in how many the country the fight against global warming will manage. Scientists have calculated how much global warming will cost humanity. A list of cities that may disappear from the face of the earth due to melting glaciers has also been published.



In Ukraine, in 30 years, 70% of energy is to be supplied by green power plants, – the Ministry of Energy 21-01-2020, 13:41

Today, the share of green power plants in energy production in Ukraine is 5%.

The Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection plans to bring the share of energy from alternative sources to 70% over the next 30 years.

This was announced by Energy Minister Alexei Orzhel during the presentation of the concept of green energy transition of Ukraine to 2050, reports the Public.

“We are saying that by 2050 the level of renewable energy (energy) should be about 70%. We have estimates, we have different schedules and scenarios for implementing this figure. The most important thing is that this development has to be economically justified ”, – informed Orzhel.

He noted that abuses in the sphere of “alternative energy”, in particular payment of excessive “green tariffs” for produced from alternative energy sources, should be stopped in Ukraine. According to Orzhel, even without a “green tariff”, investments in renewable energy are more profitable than traditional ones.

At present, the share of green power plants in energy production in Ukraine is 5%.

In 2019, new solar, wind and other renewable energy plants with a total capacity of 4.5 gigawatts were built in Ukraine, which is almost twice the capacity of all “green” power plants that operated in Ukraine at the beginning of 2019.

Read more at UNIAN: https://www.unian.ua/ecology/10838843-v-ukrajini-cherez-30-rokiv-70-energiji-mayut-zabezpechuvati-zeleni-elektrostanciji-minenergo.html