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INFORMATIONAL MESSAGE №2 20-06-2017, 17:07

Interreligious and Civil Environmental Forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF, Uzhhorod, Ukraine) together with Nature and Biodiversity Conversation Union (NABU, Berlin, Germany) with the support of Federal Foreign Office of Germany in partnership with environmental departments of East European Churches would like to invite all responsible for the management or coordination of projects offered by us to participate in working meeting within the project "Zivilgesellschaft und religiöse Einrichtungen für die gemeinsame Bewahrung der Schöpfung in Osteuropa" in Uzhhorod (Ukraine) on July 3-5 August 2017.

The agenda of working meeting in Uzhhorod is dedicated to preparation of project ideas and professional formation of project concepts, which will form the basis of the Program of Cooperation between IRCEF and donors: European Commission, World Bank and others in the future.

During working meeting in Uzhhorod the start will be given to the East European competition “Responsibility for Creation”, preparation of publication “Christian environmental ethic” and “Ecological triptych”, other initiatives planned by us between the project.

Working meeting in Uzhhorod will give start to our activity, which will be summed up in October during international conference in Ukraine. Also during this conference project concepts prepared by us will be collected to the Program of Cooperation between IRCEF and donors. At the conference publications prepared by us will be presented, winners and active participants of the competition “Responsibility for Creation” will be awarded. Program of cooperation prepared by us within the projects will be presented at working meeting of IRCEF in Berlin (November).

We invite all of you to take active part in implementation of the project.





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Best regards,

Organizing committee