Інститут еколого-релігійних студій


16-11-2017, 13:08


Dear friends, people of good will. The Commission on the Ecology of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese and the Commission on the Ecology of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine sincerely invite you to join the master-class on coloring of feeders for birds, which will be held at the Residence of the Mukachevo Bishops at the address: Uzhgorod, Andriy Bachinsky Square 1a , November 20 at 16.00.

Competition program:

1. The story "Wintering birds of Transcarpathia" 10 minutes (Jahman Ruslana, T. Legotsky ZOKM)

2. A crossword puzzle about birds for 5 minutes (Buchmaey Elena, T. Legotsky ZOKM)

3. Coloring of feeders.

We sincerely invite all those who are not indifferent to join the eco-initiative, as cold and hungry for feathered times are approaching, and our help for them will be very appropriate.

Contact: Commission on Ecology, MGCI, tel.0507096567:, e-mail: iers@ircef.org

tel: 0507096567

Contact: Mikhail Bilanich: tel .: 0507096567:, e-mail: iers@ircef.org